Funny South African videos including SA comedians.


Drake’s Smooth Moves Become the “Gupta Bling” VIDEO

Musician/comedian Deep Fried Man has released a new  video called "Gupta Bling", based on singer Drake's mega-selling "Hotline Bling" and which riffs on the relationship between President Jacob...

Suzelle DIY – How to be Water Wise, Guys (With a...

Suzelle in her latest DIY video tackles a more serious subject - water restrictions and water usage - but it turns out to be...
squirrel cricket

WATCH Squirrel Halt Play at T20 Cricket Match in Newlands

The Proteas might have lost the last game in the T20 series against Australia, but the match had its lighter moments, especially when a...

WATCH Trevor Take on the Trump in “Fascist Week 2016”

In his latest salvo against Donald Trump, the candidate who against all odds seems most likely to win the Republic presidential nomination in the United...

Trevor Noah Asks Ugandans: Would They Vote for Trump or Museveni?...

Host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah told his audience this week that if they thought the U.S. Presidential race was crazy - with...
zupta must fall

WATCH Sign Language Interpreters Make the Best of #ZuptaMustFall

The walkout from Parliament on Thursday night by the Economic Freedom Fighters has already got lot of attention in the media, although some people...
facebook zumavideo

TV Network (Kind Of) Wishes Zuma Happy “Friends” Day VIDEO

Playing off of Facebook's "Friends Day", which was launched by the social media giant to celebrate its 12th birthday by giving users a 58-second video featuring...

SuzelleDIY – How to Make Your Own Greenhouse

Suzelle in her latest DIY video, "How to Make Your Own Greehouse", heads into the garden (or "gorden") and lands up in the swimming pool. Watch the video:

SuzelleDIY – How to Hack your Backpack

As kids head back to school this week, Suzelle gives some tips on how to hack your backpack:      

VIDEO: Evita’s Unique ANC Birthday Message

Evita Bezuidenhout sums up the turbulent week that was, lots of conflict over racism, wrong pronunciation and the ANC's 104th birthday bash in Rustenberg.


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