Wed, Aug 4, 2021

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Reeva Cutting on South Africa riots

OPINION: South African in Australia ‘Sounds The Call That Comes Together’

This week has seen some of the worst rioting across South Africa since democracy was achieved in 1994. It’s been one of the most...

SA’s MeerKAT Telescope Discovers a Group of Galaxies

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) announced on Tuesday that a group of 20 galaxies have been discovered with South Africa’s MeerKAT telescope. This...
Dale Benson, teacher in Vietnam with cancer needs funds to get home to South Africa

SA Teacher in Vietnam Needs a Miracle, Mom is Desperate for Dying Son

A South African mom, Inge, is desperate for a miracle for her son Dale Benson, a 39-year-old teacher in Vietnam who has been diagnosed...

New Moon for Abandoned Wolves in South Africa

Since the dawn of creation man and beast has had an intriguing symbiotic relationship... writes Justin Steyn. This has become the mission of the Sahasrara...
the man who adopted a village 2

The Man Who Adopted a Village in South Africa

It takes a village to raise a child, so the old saying goes... writes Justin Steyn. However, what happens when a man opens his...
SA records 460 COVID-19 related deaths

SA Covid-19 Update: 11 093 new COVID-19 cases

A total of 46 893 COVID-19 tests were conducted on Tuesday, with 11 093 new cases detected. According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases...
Former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda at the inauguration of former South African president Thabo Mbeki in 2004. EFE-EPA

Kenneth Kaunda: Last Giant of African Nationalism Leaves Mixed Legacy

Kenneth Kaunda, the former president of Zambia, who has died in hospital in the capital, Lusaka, at the age of 97, was the last...
Kevin Ilunga Nkongolo walks dogs in Milnerton. Photos provided by Karen Louise Fletcher

The Tragic Life and Death of Cape Town’s Well Known Dog Whisperer

The dogs he walked would anticipate his arrival and recognise him when he arrived at the gate... writes Kimon de Greef. One dog would...

Claims that Tim Noakes and BizNews are Spreading ‘Dangerous Falsehoods’

Tim Noakes has a long history of making misleading and false claims, including promoting the debunked theory that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine contributes...
SA’s first successful bowel enteroscopy procedure was led by senior consultant Dr Dion Levin in partnership with Professor Mashiko Setshedi, the head of UCT’s Division of Medical Gastroenterology, and a team of experts. Photo Supplied.

Groote Schuur Hospital Performs South Africa’s First Bowel Enteroscopy

A team of academics at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Division of Medical Gastroenterology have performed South Africa’s first successful bowel enteroscopy (endoscopy...