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IPID 6 killed by police lockdown

IPID Records Six Alleged Killings By Police In First Week Of Lockdown

IPID is also investigating 13 complaints related to shootings and 14 assault cases... writes Daneel Knoetze. Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has registered six cases...
Pothole Car South Africa

Pothole Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

Children earn money directing cars around potholes hidden by a flooded road in Bethelsdorp... writes Mkhuseli Sizani. A flooded street where motorists cannot see hidden...
Olympics 2020 Toyko

New Dates For Olympics in 2021 Announced

The Summer Olympics that had been scheduled to begin in Tokyo this July will instead take place almost exactly one year later, the International...

Why a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to COVID-19 Could Have Lethal Consequences

Suppose you had the choice between two health policies, A and B. Policy A would result in the death of a lot of elderly...
president ramaphosa letter coronavirus

Letter from President Ramaphosa: This Too Shall Pass

Dear Fellow South African, The world is in the throes of a public health emergency on a scale not witnessed in over a century......
corona virus vs spanish flu south africa

South Africa Bungled the Spanish Flu in 1918. History Mustn’t Repeat Itself for COVID-19

As the issue of repatriation of foreign nationals from China grabs the headlines in South Africa and elsewhere on the continent in the wake...

Learn About Bitcoin Contract for Different Trading Strategies

Bitcoin has been traded for some time and here we look at the CFD trading strategy and its relevance to bitcoins trading. Bitcoin CFD Trading...
south africa land economic inequality

15% of South Africa’s Wealth is in the Hands of just 3,500 People, Study...

Just 3,500 people – 0.01% of the population – own 15% of total wealth in South Africa, according to a new study. And, there...

Cape Town Central Line to Return to Service in September, says PRASA Administrator

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula announced on Thursday the start of the refurbishment process for Cape Town’s Central Line, which has been closed since October...

Cape Town City Acts Against Greenmarket Square Protesters

On Sunday morning over a hundred law enforcement officers took part in an operation on Greenmarket Square to remove the belongings of the refugees...


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