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SASCOC Reacts to Lucas Sithole’s Two-Year Doping Ban

South Africa’s umbrella sports body, SASCOC, has responded to the news that Paralympian wheelchair tennis player Lucas Sithole has been suspended by the International...
PRASA will spend R1 billion on Cape Town Central Line

R1 Billion to be Spent on Cape Town’s Broken Central Line, Promises PRASA

It will cost more than R1 billion just to make Cape Town’s vandalised Central Line secure, according to Richard Walker, manager of Metrorail Western...

South Africa Aims to Send 228 Athletes to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, 6 Months...

South Africa’s Olympic governing body, SASCOC, together with various sporting stakeholders in the country, have ushered in six months to go before the Tokyo...

Public Approval is Ramaphosa’s Only Defence Against Enemies in ANC Wanting Recall

What are South Africans to make of the murmurs that its governing party, the African National Congress (ANC), plans to recall Cyril Ramaphosa as...

Rondebosch Golf Club: City of Cape Town Accused of Subsidising the Wealthy Elite

The City of Cape Town is “subsidising the wealthy elite” by planning to extend the lease on the Rondebosch golf course for another ten...

How to Fix the Gap Between School and Work in South Africa

The world of work is changing constantly, profoundly, and faster. This is clear from the outsourcing of work, waves of technological advances, increasing automation...

South Africa’s Energy Crisis has Triggered Lots of Ideas: Why Most are Wrong

Since late last year, South Africans have, once again, been subjected to power cuts by the power utility, Eskom. The need for what’s called...

Kevin Anderson Helps South Africa to 3-0 Win Over Chile in Australia at ATP...

Kevin Anderson (33) may live in the USA, but the SA expat is playing with all his heart in Australia - representing South Africa! ...
robertson south africa

Robertson – Town of Wine And Roses and Beautiful Memories, South Africa

Most people know Robertson either as a small, drive-through town, or as the place of four fabulous wine festivals with names like Wacky Wine...
elephant ross harvey no to trophy hunting

No Place for Trophy Hunting in the Sixth Extinction

For a Western hunter to pay to kill an African animal and expatriate its parts is a form of objectification, dehumanising and therefore morally...


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