Monday, June 1, 2020

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Covid-19: Making Sense of ‘R’ in Explaining the Course of the Epidemic

R0 is on everyone’s lips these days, and it is a critical measure of the epidemic that guides predictions and policies. Yet how R...
Home brew south african alcohol ban

Alcohol Ban Has Taken South Africa Back to Dark Apartheid Days, Says Shebeen Owner

With the sale of alcohol banned for over seven weeks, the illegal booze trade has mushroomed and prices rocketed. People who used to frequent...
meerkats wildlife-south-africa-covid-19

The Devastating Effects of COVID-19 on Wildlife Conservation

In Africa, the wildlife conservation industry has dealt with many a challenge, from political, economic, social, impacts of urbanization and even disease outbreaks. However,...
eland south africa meat wildlife gu

Alarm Over Proposed Changes to Meat Safety Act in South Africa

While there is general scientific consensus that the novel coronavirus is of zoonotic origin and various groupings are advising that wildlife markets must be...

Auditor-General Should Oversee Billions in Covid-19 Solidarity Fund

The Covid-19 global pandemic has unprecedented health and socio-economic consequences for millions of people across the world. Each country affected has introduced numerous measures,...

Archaeology Shows How Ancient African Societies Managed Pandemics

Every so often, a pandemic emerges that dramatically alters human society. The Black Death (1347 - 1351) was one; the Spanish flu of 1918...
south african chief police

Judge Reprimands Ministers of Police and Defence for ‘Lockdown Brutality’ in South Africa

Court orders suspension of police and military involved in the torture and death of Collins Khosa. By Tania Broughton, GroundUp.   The Pretoria High Court has...
which type of south african are you under lockdown

Meet the 10 Types of ‘Lockdown’ South Africans. Which One Are You?

It's day eleven seventy thousand, and the lockdown categories have changed. So a re-write is about as overdue as a presidential address, and your...
Nyanga Mall-BuziweNocuze-social distancing supermarket gu

Worried SA Shopper: “If We Continue Like This, The Virus is Going to Kill...

“If we continue like this the virus is going to kill us.” Shopper Zimasa Nkuhlu is worried that other customers at the Nyanga Junction...
darling wind farm south africa

Giant Turbine Farm Set to Harvest West Coast Wind

Appeals against plans for a huge new wind farm on the West Coast have been dismissed by environment minister Barbara Creecy, paving the way...