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Claims that Tim Noakes and BizNews are Spreading ‘Dangerous Falsehoods’

By Guest Contributor 07-06-21 16:12

Tim Noakes has a long history of making misleading and false claims, including promoting the debunked theory that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine contributes to autism and promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19… writes Eduard Grebe. In a recent tweet, he linked to an utterly misleading BizNews article on the recent release of thousands of emails to and from […]

SA’s first successful bowel enteroscopy procedure was led by senior consultant Dr Dion Levin in partnership with Professor Mashiko Setshedi, the head of UCT’s Division of Medical Gastroenterology, and a team of experts. Photo Supplied.

Groote Schuur Hospital Performs South Africa’s First Bowel Enteroscopy

By Guest Contributor 07-06-21 10:11

A team of academics at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Division of Medical Gastroenterology have performed South Africa’s first successful bowel enteroscopy (endoscopy of the small bowel). The cutting-edge procedure was carried out at Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH), and is set to transform the way clinicians access and examine the previously inaccessible small bowel […]

Blue sharks, which are prized for their fins, swimming off Cape Point in South Africa. Morne Hardenberg

South Africa’s Plan to Protect Sharks Needs an Urgent Update

By Guest Contributor 06-06-21 13:55

When great white sharks disappeared from two well-known congregation areas on South Africa’s coast recently, the possible reasons were hotly debated…. writes Alison Kock, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. The appearance of a pair of shark-eating killer whales in the area was one. Another was the decline in numbers of smaller shark species that […]

Lawyer Shaun Balram with his client Frederick Mhangazo at the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. Photo: Marecia Damons

Table Mountain Fire Suspect No Longer Faces Arson Charges

By Guest Contributor 28-04-21 20:45

Frederick Mhangazo came to Cape Town to study. He has ended up homeless and living from hand to mouth… By Marecia Damons.Cape  The man arrested in connection with a Cape Town fire last weekend will no longer face charges of arson, the Cape Town Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday. Frederick Mhangazo, 35, was apprehended in […]

DA to scrutinize elusive KwaZulu-Natal Rhino Poaching Report

KZN Reserve Undertakes Mass Rhino Dehorning to Save Species from Poaching

By Guest Contributor 28-04-21 21:19

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has undertaken one of the biggest rhino dehorning operations in KwaZulu-Natal. The operation, which was funded and supported by conservation NGO Wildlife ACT, set out last week to dehorn the entire population of white rhino on Spioenkop Nature Reserve… writes Janelle Barnard, Love Africa. The dehorning of rhino populations has been adopted […]

The University of Cape Town’s Jagger Library, which housed thousands of theses, artworks, and precious documents, has been gutted. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks

PHOTOS and VIDEO: Grim Aftermath of Cape Town’s Fire

By Guest Contributor 19-04-21 16:30

Flames destroy buildings, monuments and precious archives… By Ashraf Hendricks, James Stent and Nathan Geffen The burning of the University of Cape Town’s J.W. Jagger Library on 18 April could be one of South Africa’s greatest losses of memory. Many of the most precious records housed at the building may have been protected at lower […]

Housing lobby groups and civil society organisations are petitioning for Minister Lindiwe Sisulu to release information about the R600 million rent relief announced during her budget vote speech last year. Photo from government website

Lindiwe Sisulu Fails to Deliver R600-Million Rent Relief

By Guest Contributor 07-04-21 15:15

Housing activists demand answers eight months after Sisulu’s budget vote announcement… By Liezl Human In July 2020 Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu announced during her budget vote speech that R600 million would be allocated towards rent relief for tenants facing “financial distress” due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Eight months later, no money or information about […]

Detail of the ceiling paintings of the San people in the Drakensberg, South Africa. Courtesy © Stephen Townley Bassett

Ancient San Rock Art Mural in South Africa Reveals New Meaning

By Guest Contributor 02-04-21 10:37

The indigenous San communities of southern Africa were originally hunting and gathering peoples. One of the greatest testaments to San history is the rock art found throughout the subcontinent. The oldest rock art in southern Africa is around 30,000 years old and is found on painted stone slabs from the Apollo 11 rock shelter in […]

baking in wolwerivier

Watch | Magdalene Minnaar’s Baking Classes are a Hit in Wolwerivier

By Guest Contributor 07-04-21 22:44

Here, once a month, the scent of milk tarts, cupcakes, or doughnuts can be discovered. Located about 30km from Cape Town city centre, Wolwerivier is a low-cost housing development for people who have been evicted, mostly from informal settlements, and have nowhere else to go. But within these dust-ridden streets, the home of Magdalene Minnaar […]


WATCH Ship Blocks Suez Canal ‘Like A Beached Whale’

By Guest Contributor 27-03-21 01:12

Al Jazeera news channel has described the container ship, Ever Given, that’s currently blocking the Suez Canal, as being like a ‘beached whale’. The ship’s predicament has created an insane traffic jam and sent shockwaves through global trade as officials have stopped all ships entering the channel… with the salvage company revealing that it could […]

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa receives a Johnson & Johnson vaccination at the Khayelitsha Hospital in February 2021. Archive photo: Jeffrey Abrahams

Top Scientists Slam SA Government For Not Using AstraZeneca Vaccines

By Guest Contributor 26-03-21 16:00

“South Africa has squandered the opportunity to protect half a million of its most vulnerable citizens”… By Michael Cherry A group of eminent South African physicians has published an article in the South African Medical Journal that is highly critical of the government reselling AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccines to the African Union (AU). They include one […]

Striking workers gathered outside the Spar distribution centre in Perseverance, Gqeberha. The strike came after workers rejected the company’s offer of a 3% pay increase. Photo: Joseph Chirume

Spar Workers Strike Over Pay in SA

By Guest Contributor 24-03-21 21:31

Since Thursday, over 130 workers have been on strike at a Spar distribution centre in Perseverance, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). They are demanding an 8.1% pay rise; the employer is offering 3%…. By Joseph Chirume 134 workers are on a protected strike at a Spar distribution centre in Gqeberha. Workers demanded an 8.1% increase while the […]

Jane Hozheri and her daughter started planting vegetables in Mfuleni, Cape Town after losing their business during the Covid-19 lockdown. Today, she says the vegetable garden is thriving, with plans to expand. Photo: Tariro Washinyira

Mom and Daughter Start Veggie Farm After Losing Jobs in Lockdown

By Guest Contributor 24-03-21 16:27

Jane Hozheri says they are making more money farming than in their previous jobs… By Tariro Washinyira   A Zimbabwean mother and daughter started a vegetable farm in Mfuleni after losing their business during the Covid-19 lockdown last year. They farm mostly green leaf vegetables popularly used in Zimbabwean dishes like covo, rapeseed and kale. […]

Chris Moerdyk: "Just think of the Royal Family as the oldest and most experienced marketing company that has been promoting the United Kingdom for centuries." Photo collages includes pics from Pixabay, FB /The Royal Family and DStv

A South African (Who Met the Queen) on The Royal Family

By Guest Contributor 13-03-21 20:06

For those who are experiencing night tremors, heart palpitations, chronic depression and the drizzling shits from indecision on which side to take, here is an elixir of prose to calm your shattered nerves…. writes Chris Moerdyk, in his latest popular The Lemongas* Chronicles. HARRY AND MEGHAN – *LEMONGAS ! By Chris Moerdyk. Just think of […]

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