Sat, Jun 25, 2022


Funny South African videos including SA comedians.

It all began with an iPhone…

From an email doing the rounds March was when our son celebrated his 17th birthday, and we got him an iPhone. He just loved it....
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah on the Race Joke that Boomeranged on Hillary Clinton...

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton earlier this week was endorsed by her former colleague New York mayor Bill de Blasio, although things didn't go off...

Boerewors Bagel Dogs? Suzelle Explains…and Shows How

In her latest DIY video, just in time for Heritage Day, which she promotes in the best, most colourful way - even with a...

SuzelleDIY – How to Hack your Backpack

As kids head back to school this week, Suzelle gives some tips on how to hack your backpack:      
South African student interviewed by local new channel

South African Student Interviewed by Local News Video Stunt

An outrageous interview with a South African student  took the internet by storm last month, receiving almost half-a-million views on YouTube within a day...

Evita Gives Advice to Malema and Recalls her First SA Election

In her latest episode of "Evita's Free Speech", the inimitable Evita reflects on the EFF's Julius Malema telling Al Jazeera that his party would...

Check Out South Africa’s Other Comedians!

Since Trevor Noah has left our shores and is gearing up to take the helm of America's 'The Daily Show' on Monday, here's a random selection...

SuzelleDIY – How to Make Your Own Greenhouse

Suzelle in her latest DIY video, "How to Make Your Own Greehouse", heads into the garden (or "gorden") and lands up in the swimming pool. Watch the video:

Trevor Noah’s Take on South African Airport Announcers!

Watch South African comedian Trevor Noah's take on the conformity of all airport announcers around the world to sound the same...except, of course, those...

SuzelleDIY – How to Wacky your Takkies

And they're not bad either! Stay to the end of the video and see how you can win the shoes that Suzelle and Marianne made!