Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka. Image via Twitter @dineoranaka

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Dineo Ranaka reportedly sued by MSC Cruises

Former Kaya FM radio personality Dineo Ranaka is allegedly being sued for millions by the MSC cruise ship company for breaching contract.

Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka. Image via Twitter @dineoranaka

A “provincial sentence summons” was allegedly applied at the Joburg high court for South African media personality Dineo Ranaka and a Gauteng-based businessman Denzel Govender and his company Smilz for failing to pay an outstanding R3.4 million as per agreement reportedly signed in 2022, Sunday World reported.

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The cruise company is said to have let vessel MSC Orchestra to Dineo Ranaka and the entity for over R7.5 million. They deal was for her to ferry various celebrities to the Portuguese islands on a fun-filled excursion, the publication added.

In the court papers, reportedly seen by the publication, MSC said “on or about September 5 2022, Smilz and Ranaka signed a charted party agreement in which they agreed to hire a vessel, the MSC Orchestra for over R7.5 million”. In the matter, Smilz is said to be the first defendant, while Govender and Ranaka are the second and third defendants.

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MSC reportedly admitted to have let the MSC Orchestra vessel to Smilz and Ranaka and alleged said they promised to pay the staggering amount in two equal instalments (on 15 and 22 December 2022) before the cruise ship set off earlier this year. However, the defendants have allegedly failed to make payments as per the signed agreement. Instead, they allegedly remitted 19 payments totalling only over R4.1 million.

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Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.


Earlier this year, Dineo Ranaka’s Cruise With Dineo & Friends was reported to have been a bust and nothing close to what passengers had expected. According to ZiMoja, passengers who were on the ship claimed the cruise was a nightmare, the “worst trip of their lives, and a total waste of money.” On top of that, the vessel is said not to have even reached its planned destination because of bad weather conditions and the entertainment itinerary was also said to have been out of whack.

A passenger who was onboarded was quoted as saying, “At some point, it felt like we were at Park Station during the festive season; it took us a while to find our bookings and our room allocations, most of the time, we were just hungry, but eventually, we had to make peace with our situation.”

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