Kate Middleton photoshop
Kate Middleton has shared a recent health update. Image: @KensingtonRoyal

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Kate Middleton sighting rubbished by social media users [VIDEO]

A British tabloid has been called out by people on social media after sharing news of Kate Middleton supposedly out with Prince William.

Kate Middleton photoshop
Kate Middleton has shared a recent health update. Image: @KensingtonRoyal

A British tabloid has attempted to silence royal critics with a clip of Prince William and Kate Middleton appearing in public in good spirits.  However, social media users are convinced that the woman walking beside the heir to the British throne is actually a “body double”.

Has the palace committed another editing fail, or are Internet sleuths running wild with another crazy conspiracy theory?


In an “exclusive,” The Sun published pics and a clip of Prince William and his wife of 13 years.

According to the British tabloid, the Princess of Wales appeared “happy and relaxed” as she strolled out of a local farmer’s market.

The publication stood by the authenticity of the pics. They cited: “We have chosen to both report her appearance in yesterday’s paper and show the footage today. In a bid to bring an end to what the Palace has called the ‘madness of social media.’

“Despite appearing fit and healthy, the princess remains under medical guidance to keep off work until next month”.

Kate has had social media sleuths in meltdown mode after a Photoshopped image of a UK Mother’s Day card went viral last weekend.

The brunette has kept a low profile since news of her abdominal surgery in January. She has last appeared in public on Christmas Day at a church service at Sandringham.

According to gossip mongers, this may have something to do with rumours of Prince William’s alleged affair with family friend Rose Hanbury.


In several image stills posted on X, royal fans have shared a close-up of the image of the woman – courtesy of editing software – whom they claim is not Kate Middleton.

Many accused the palace of using a “body double” to try to “trick” the world.

@DianaWallace888: “Kate Middleton has clearly been either murdered or kidnapped and replaced with a body double.”

@MattWallace888: “Rumors are circulating that Kate Middleton has been replaced by a clone or body double after she was just spotted in public with Prince William.”

@06Vassi: “Stop it right now. That woman is not Kate Middleton.”


It’s not the first time royal fans have accused the palace and Prince William of trying to dupe the public.

In pics posted on MailOnline, the couple is seen leaving Windsor Castle for a “private appointment.”

William’s side profile is visible in the pics; however, Kate’s face is obscured and faces away from the camera.

Numerous conspiracy theorists claim the woman in the car is not Kate.