The Kiffness Anele
The Kiffness has called Anele Mdoda out for her comments on the ‘racist’ teen. Images via X: @thekiffness/@anele

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Kiffness blasts Anele for starting ‘witch-hunt’ against ‘racist’ teen

‘Doxxing of an under-aged child’: The Kiffness has called Anele out for having ‘double standards’ when it comes to handling racism in SA.

29-11-23 18:00
The Kiffness Anele
The Kiffness has called Anele Mdoda out for her comments on the ‘racist’ teen. Images via X: @thekiffness/@anele

A video of a young white South African teenager using a racial slur towards YouTuber Sonwabile has gone viral. In the clip, the teen refers to the content creator as an “EFF k****r”. So far many prominent South Africans have shared their thoughts on the video while calling for action to be taken against the teen who has since been identified by social media users. Media personality Anele Mdoda is one of those people.

Singer and songwriter The Kiffness — real name David Scott — has since called Anele out for “launching a witch hunt” for the teen while supporting Julius Malema who is famous for his ‘Kill The Boer’ chant.

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Earlier today hundreds of EFF members marched to the school of the boy who was recorded calling popular YouTube star Sonwabile a “EFF k****r”.

The video went viral as many weighed in on racism and in South Africa. One of those people is 947 Breakfast Club host Anele Mdoda.

the kiffness, anele, malema
The Kiffness has slammed 947’s Anele Mdoda. Images via Twitter: @thekiffness/ @malema

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Heading online, Anele urged her followers to make the video trend so that the boy could be located and slapped with charges.

While many appeared impressed with her speaking out, SA singer The Kiffness was not so much.

According to the musician, Anele has double standards because she supports Malema who is infamous for the ‘Kill The Boer’ chant while calling on the arrest of the teenager who was “messing around”.

He also added that both Malema and the child were wrong.

“Yup. @Anele praises racists who call for the killing of boers in stadiums of 90k people, while starting a witch-hunt on a 15 year old racist kid messing around on Omegle. Neither are acceptable, but the double standard in how both are treated is mad.”


As expected, the tweet received a lot of reactions from social media users who are now slamming The Kiffness.

“Messing around” you say? So showing racism toward another human being is messing around??? Also you have no right to tell @Anele which political party she should support,” wrote one app user.

Another sided with him and wrote:

“The EFF are now wanting to “descend” on the kid’s school where there are hundreds of other innocent children. Shocking and cowardly.”