pizza toppings
What toppings do not belong on pizza? Image: Maksim Goncharenok/Pexels

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Five weird vending machines including pizza and cream!

Vending machines these days can sell you everything from cream to fresh, hot pizza. Here’s what you can buy from machines!

pizza toppings
What toppings do not belong on pizza? Image: Maksim Goncharenok/Pexels

We’ve all gotten cold drinks or chips from vending machines.

In South Africa, vending machines are usually found at hospitals, police stations, and malls. Elsewhere in the world the snack-machine has developed its own following – and you can buy much weirder things out of machines.

From cream to cotton candy, here’s what you can buy from some of the world’s weirdest items from a machine.

Would YOU try cream from a robot?

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If you visit Tokyo, Japan then you will find the Namakuri machine.

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This is one of the world’s first vending machines that sell fresh cream, dropped out of the vending machine for just under R100. Some reviewers have mentioned that it also contains cake bits to sweeten up that deal.

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Worth it, or would you rather just spray it right from the can?


The company SweetRobo makes a unique vending machine that sells cotton candy – or “spookasem” as some South Africans have grown up calling it! The sticky, sugary confectionary is made right before your eyes – with a robot that contains a “warming plate” so that the sugar knows where to stick.

Would you get your cotton candy from a machine, or do you think manmade ghost-breath is better?


While it might not be the first item that comes to mind, you can also buy salad

from a machine – and it gets made in less than ten minutes, according to a review for the product.

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Which machine on the list would you like to have most?


Pizza Forno is a company that makes hot pizza vending machines, with just a few minutes to wait until you get, well, hot pizza. It has all the traditional things you’d expect to see on a pizza, including that cheese – but does it top some of Mzansi’s favourite pizza-makers?

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Let us know if you ever get a chance to compare!


South Africa has its own version of an unusual vending machine: one that’s meant for over-the-counter drugs. Called Pharmashop24, it gives you access to those important medications that you might need when the shops are closed