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Live cattle feeding. Image: youtube

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Cape Town: Docked livestock carrier causes stink across city

Capetonians woke up to a foul smell after a livestock carrier ship from Brazil docked in the city’s port on Sunday night.

19-02-24 17:35
livestock carte blanche
Live cattle feeding. Image: youtube

Cape Town residents woke up to an overpowering stench which is said to be emanating from a ship carrying livestock which is set to leave the harbour late on Monday evening, 19 February.

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Residents from Woodstock, Observatory, Greenpoint and the CBD took to social media on Monday morning complaining that “Cape Town literally stinks.”

Calling for an answer to the “big stink” went unnoticed until some residents called into radio stations in the city to bring attention to the pungent odour.

It was then that City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Sanitation, Dr Zahid Badroodien confirmed the smell was coming from a livestock cargo ship which had docked at the Cape Town harbour on Sunday night.

Badroodien assured residents that the ship will be departing on Monday.

“Environmental Health have confirmed that the source of the smell across the city is a ship in the harbour.

The ship arrived last night and is carrying cattle.

It is due to leave the port tonight at 9pm.”

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After learning that the smell was coming from a ship carrying livestock, several Capetonians voiced their concern over the wellbeing of the animals.

In response the National Council of SPCAs said a team which included a veterinary consultant was on board the vessel to assess the animal’s welfare.

“We acknowledge the concerns raised by members of the public regarding the noticeable stench emanating from the ship and reaching the city centre and surrounds.

The smell is indicative of the awful conditions the animals endure, having already spent nearly three weeks on board with a build-up of faeces and ammonia. The stench on board is unimaginable but the animals face this every day.”

The ship is carrying 19 000 livestock from Brazil and is loading feed before its departure to Iraq.