‘Generations’. Image via Twitter @Am_Blujay

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‘Generations’: Jamaicans slam SA soapie [WATCH]

Jamaicans took to social media this week to share their experiences of watching South Africa’s popular soapie ‘Generations’ while growing up.

05-12-23 17:44
‘Generations’. Image via Twitter @Am_Blujay

Jamaican TikTokers revealed on social media this week that they didn’t enjoy watching Generations when they were younger.

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TikTokers @boyryan and @lilsmileydon slammed the SABC1 soapie, Generations by sharing videos with the show’s background song.

BoyRyan captioned his video: “POV. Every Jamaican child’s worst nightmare,” while LilSmileyDon said: “That one show that every Jamaican child hated with passion.”

South Africans revealed in the comment section that they were surprised that the popular soapie aired in their country.

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@mpilokhumalo_ said: “Really?? For us it was the opposite. 8pm was family time in black South Africa households. EVERYONE was tuned in to see who Sibusiso would choose between Ntombi and Karabo.”

@mpilokhumalo_: “Generations airing in Jamaica is the most random thing I never thought I’d see.”

According to social media users, the popular South African soapie Generations aired in both Jamaica and India.

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@zanderyute: “All the moms grandmas and aunties would kick us out the living room.”

@TheeAzanian: “I walked into a KFC in Jamaica back when I visited in 2018 and guess what I saw on the TV? Khethiwe and Khaphela!!! They still play the good, old Generations. I stood there in shock like this can’t be real.”

@uKilla_K: “They stopped playing it in 2020? They got 2 years of The Legacy and realized it was trash.”

@TKagee: “So Generations time slot was equivalent to the Days of our Lives or Bold & the Beautiful on @Official_SABC1 You need to go play outside.”

@zanderyute: “At one point all my mom wanted to see was Archie.She was embarrassing to be around.”

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