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Which food do you call especially South African? Photo: Supplied

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Four unique South African dishes

South African dishes are unique and we associate it with our families and homes. From skilpadjies to dry wors, here’s four of our favourites.

08-05-24 16:33
south african dishes
Which food do you call especially South African? Photo: Supplied

Mzansi eats are uniquely South African snacks, dishes, and foods.

They’re the foods that we’ll always associate with home. However, they’re also the foods that come from family recipes and traditions.

Which food do you call especially South African?

Peppermint crisp tart is famous internationally, but first got its fame from here.

Here’s a look at four unforgettable South African dishes, including potjiekos and skilpadjies.


Southern Africa is a true cultural and culinary melting pot, and it draws from various cultures including Cape Malay, and the Khoisan.

What’s your favourite unforgettable South African dish?

There’s many Mzansi eats you can enjoy.

Potjiekos, skilpadjies, and dry wors are only three of them. However, we have more in this article.

Let us know what tops your list, and check out which ones we’ve featured below.

Here are four spectacular Mzansi eats.


‘Potjiekos’ literally translates to mean ‘little (or small) pot food’ in English.

According to Taste Atlas, potjiekos is a traditional stew, which is made from various vegetables.

Potjiekos is traditionally made using a cast iron pot, and usually made over an open fire.

Everyone has their own traditional recipe for this Mzansi eats dish.


According to Taste Atlas, ‘skilpadjies’ translates to ‘little tortoises’.

However, it’s actually an offal dish made from bacon and caul fat.

The dish is packed, and then made over a fire. Arguably, the best ones are a little burned, but never dry!

It’s been one of the favourite Mzansi eats for generations.

What do you think?


Dry wors is comparable to American jerky, but it’s also something completely different.

It’s what happens to slow-dried, spiced, usually thin sausage.

It’s a road trip snack you might have to be South African to fully understand.

There are different spice mixes. However, everyone has their own recipe! Earlier recipes were simplier, but today you’ll find crazier spice mixes for dry wors.

However, dry wors is internationally famous.


Sosaties are almost like kebabs.

Another true Mzansi eats food.

They’re also one of South Africa’s favourite foods: chicken, beef, and vegetarian.

A sosatie puts different meat (usually with vegetables) on a stick, and then throws it on the fire.

There’s something about fire-based food in South Africa!

However, not everyone knows how to make a ‘proper’ braai fire.

What’s your favourite sosatie combination?


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