Mzansi eats: Five South African ‘taxi rank’ snacks
Tinkies are a popular taxi rank snack. Image:

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Mzansi eats: Five South African popular ‘taxi rank’ snacks

Mzansi has a bustling and busy taxi industry, however while waiting for the taxi fill-up there are plenty of yummy snacks to eat. Here are five rank snacks.

01-04-24 13:55
Mzansi eats: Five South African ‘taxi rank’ snacks
Tinkies are a popular taxi rank snack. Image:

Mzansi has a bustling and busy taxi industry.

There’s a taxi rank near everything important, and you’ve never lived if you are still missing out on the experience. It’s just how South Africans go from one place to another.

It’s easy to explain how South Africa’s minibus taxis work.

But what about the snacks?

We’ve all needed something to fill up as the taxi fills up with passengers.

What’s your go-to Mzansi travel snack?

Here are five things you can buy in (or close to) every rank.


Maize snacks are cheap and easy to find.

They can cost R1 or more, and they come in different flavours. You can find them at (or near) most taxi ranks in Mzansi.

Popular flavours are Beef, Chicken, Peri-Peri, Sweet Chili, and Chutney.

Chippa Naks are made by Truda Foods.

They’re crunchy, though can be high in salt content.

They can also be used to coat fried chicken before frying, like Hot Cheetos Chicken Strips.


Pin Pop is a popular lollipop brand.

They’re internationally available, and a Mzansi taxi rank staple sweet. You can find assorted flavours, usually with bubblegum centers. You can expect to pay R1 to R2 for this snack.

It’s great for hot days.

Also, don’t accidentally cut your tongue.


Twinkies were invented in 1930, according to the New York Times.

South Africans call the same snack Tinkies, and we have a few extra flavours that you won’t find elsewhere.

They’re a more expensive snack, but you can’t complain when it’s cake.

You’ll pay R7 to R10 for a single Tinkie.

Flavours include Milk Tart, and it’s close to ‘the real thing’.

You can also go with classic flavours, like vanilla.


Ice is the perfect snack for hot days.

Selling for between R1 to R5, you can find frozen desserts at most Mzansi taxi ranks.

Cool Time has different flavours, from ‘milk ice’ to regular frozen, fruity lollies.

They’re high in sugar, but also made from real fruit juice. It’s great for countering dehydration on warmer days.

Look for the guys (or girls) with a cooler-box.

Who could refuse?


Glucose Cookies, like these from Casa Mia Biscuits, provide you with a fast energy boost. That’s exactly what you’ll need waiting for a Mzansi taxi!

Cookies can sell for R1 to R5, depending on the retailer and brand.

They’re quick and crunchy.

They’re undeniably great!

The trick?

Dip them in a warm drink.