Car licence expires in 2024
South African car licence disc. Image Credit: SANews

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Good news on car licence disc service

Many problems are getting worse in South Africa, but we can’t say the same about the drivers and car licence system.

10-11-23 11:52
Car licence expires in 2024
South African car licence disc. Image Credit: SANews

Phew…a smart car licence disc system has been long overdue, and all we could do was keep patient. The day has now finally arrived.

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According to a new system by Disky (available nationwide), all you need is your ID, current licence disc, a smartphone and WhatsApp to renew your car licence disc right here and now.

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For drivers with business registered vehicles, you require a Business Registration Number (BRN) (offered by Licence Departments), Traffic Registration Number (TRN) Certificate, or the Vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC1).

The steps:

  1. Click here to chat with Disky via WhatsApp.
  2. Press the send Button on the Disky WhatsApp chatbot.
  3. Select “Instant Quote” from the menu and follow the prompts – Providing accurate details about your vehicle.
  4. Make payment for your licence disc renewal.

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What about document uploads?

You will just need to take a photo or upload the documetns from your smartphone or desktop via Disky’s WhatsApp service.

What about payment and disc delivery?

Disky’s car licence disc services offers three different payment methods: – Debit and Credit Cards, Zapper, or OZOW.

To ensure security, Disky will asses your application before sending an update on your application within 24 hours. The final step will be the printing of your car licence disc before the courier service delivers your disc between five to seven working days to your door.

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