tshwane illegal dumping
Tshwane is working on tackling their waste problem. Image: City of Tshwane

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City of Tshwane implements strict laws against illegal dumping

City of Tshwane combats illegal dumping with police and waste management, by enforcing stern measures to offenders.

07-05-24 13:45
tshwane illegal dumping
Tshwane is working on tackling their waste problem. Image: City of Tshwane

The City of Tshwane is taking decisive action to combat the scourge of illegal dumping within its jurisdiction. Collaborating closely with the Tshwane Metro Police Department and waste management and environment compliance teams, the city is intensifying efforts to enforce by-laws, with a particular focus on confiscating vehicles and imposing substantial fines on offenders.

Illegal dumping poses a serious threat to the cleanliness and environmental health of Tshwane. In response to this pressing issue, the city is rallying residents to join forces in preserving the cleanliness of their surroundings.


As part of its commitment to enhancing services, Tshwane has initiated a waste management data-verification project to ensure the accuracy of waste service billing and facilitate requests for additional bins.

Furthermore, highlighting the seriousness of illegal dumping, Cllr Cilliers Brink, Executive Mayor of Tshwane, stressed that there are no excuses for this irresponsible conduct.

“There is no justification for illegal dumping. The city provides operational disposal sites accessible to the public for domestic and garden waste, and residents are urged to utilise these facilities to contribute to keeping Tshwane clean,” remarked Cllr Brink.

Moreover, while waste bins are provided to residents free of charge upon application, the city imposes a monthly service fee of R20.97 per bin to cover waste collection services.

These waste bins undergo weekly collection by either the city or its authorised service providers.
To further encourage responsible waste management practices, households with excess waste or backroom dwellers are encouraged to apply for additional bins. This initiative aims to minimise instances of illegal dumping and promote conscientious waste disposal habits among residents.


Residents seeking additional waste bins can follow a streamlined application process:

  • Application form acquisition: Residents can obtain an application form through various channels, including visiting customer care centres, waste management depots, downloading the form from the official website, or requesting it via email.
  • Form submission: Completed application forms can be submitted electronically or dropped off at designated locations.
  • Processing and recording: Applications will be processed and recorded in the SAP system, with a job card issued for reference.
  • Delivery arrangement: A dedicated team will coordinate the delivery of waste bins and inform residents of the scheduled delivery.
  • Receipt confirmation: Upon delivery, residents are required to sign the job card to confirm receipt of the waste bin. Self-collection options are available for those who prefer this method.
  • Commencement of billing: Monthly billing will commence following bin delivery, based on the approved tariff rate.

In addition to these measures, Tshwane provides free access to landfill sites for the disposal of domestic waste weighing 1.3 tons or less. However, waste exceeding this limit will incur a fee of R12.82 per ton. These landfill sites are strategically located across various regions of the city to facilitate convenient waste disposal for residents, companies, and institutions alike.

Additionally, by implementing stringent enforcement measures and promoting community engagement, Tshwane aims to curb illegal dumping activities and foster a culture of responsible waste management among its residents.