Smash-and-grab hotspots in Cape Town
Motorists are warned to be vigilant because smash-and-grab cases in Cape Town have increased.Image via:

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Here is the top ‘smash-and-grab’ hotspot in Cape Town

Jakes Gerwel Drive in Cape Town has witnessed a concerning rise in smash-and-grab incidents over the period of November and December.

25-01-24 13:49
Smash-and-grab hotspots in Cape Town
Motorists are warned to be vigilant because smash-and-grab cases in Cape Town have increased.Image via:

Jakes Gerwel Drive in Cape Town sees a troubling surge in smash-and-grab incidents, recording 36 cases in November and December 2023.

The Metro Police Strategic Surveillance Unit notes a sharp increase from 22 cases in the same period the previous year.

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CCTV footage reveals a significant rise in individuals actively scouting potential targets, reaching 100 instances compared to 41 in 2022.

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This indicates a growing trend of criminals actively seeking opportunities, emphasising the need for heightened vigilance among road users.

A spokesperson from the Metro Police Strategic Surveillance Unit states, “The increase in window-shopping incidents is of interest; smash-and-grab criminals are not letting up.”

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However, opportunities seem to be decreasing as more road users adhere to safety guidelines and hide their valuables.

Despite ongoing awareness drives by the City of Cape Town’s Metro Police Department, some motorists are yet to take necessary precautions.

During a recent drive, officers found numerous drivers openly displaying valuables, even after being alerted to potential risks.

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Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith, expresses concern, stating, “There is only so much we can do.”

Motorists should ensure their own safety by halting crimes that deprive people of their hard-earned possessions and spare them trauma.


Hotspots for these incidents along Jakes Gerwel Drive include intersections at Bluegum, Bofors, Jakkalsvlei, and the N2.

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A recent pamphlet and awareness drive focused on providing tips for preventing smash-and-grab crimes, road safety, and parent-child safety.

Alderman Smith urges motorists to take personal responsibility, emphasizing that uniformed staff cannot be everywhere at once.

He advises following safety measures, such as keeping valuables out of sight, locking doors, and being cautious at all times.

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To report smash-and-grab incidents, the public is encouraged to contact the nearest police station or the City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre at 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or 107 from a landline.

The city remains committed to tackling these crimes and ensuring the safety of its residents on the road.