final election results
IEC says final results will be out on Sunday. Archive photo: Masixole Feni

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Where does the majority of SA voters reside?

The Electoral Commission of South African has revealed where the majority of Mzansi voters reside. Plus, how to change your voting station …

24-04-24 10:29
final election results
IEC says final results will be out on Sunday. Archive photo: Masixole Feni

With exactly five weeks to go to the big day, the Electoral Commission of South African (IEC) has revealed where the majority of Mzansi voters will be casting their ballots. Plus, it reminds voters who need to change their voting station how to go about it.

Wednesday 29 May 2024 is just five weeks away and it promises to be the most important day in South African democracy in 30 years. Recent polls suggest African National Congress (ANC) support is falling and opposition parties like the Democratic Alliance (DA) have a genuine shot at seizing power. Here’s where the majority of Mzansi voters will be making their voices heard …


majority of Mzansi voters
The majority of Mzansi voters live in its most populated province. Image: File

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the IEC in Gauteng that boasts the highest number of registered voters, reports TimesLive. Of the 28-million registered voters in South Africa for the 2024 election – the most since the dawn of democracy in 1994 – 6.5-million reside in Gauteng (nearly 25% of the voters’ roll).

This is according to Gauteng provincial electoral officer Thabo Masemula, who says the IEC in Gauteng has reached the advanced stage in preparations. And electoral materials are well on their way to provincial warehouses across the province.

The province has 2 797 voting stations and has made provisions for 203 temporary voting stations. Likewise, voting centres stand at 1 302 at last count. Masemula says this increase in the number of voting stations ensures widened access and reduced waiting periods at stations.


majority of Mzansi voters
Announcement of 2019 National and Provincial Elections Results. Image: Jairus Mmutle/GCIS

There is some anxiety over the third ballot that must be completed on 29 May and Masemula says voter education needs to happen rapidly in the next five weeks. Therefore, the electoral commission is employing upwards of 200 democracy education facilitators who will provide face-to-face voter and balloting education. Similarly, it will use all available media platforms to amplify voter and ballot education.

On voting day, five weeks from now, 8 619 presiding officers, deputies and voters’ roll officers will be deployed across the province at its 2 797 voting stations. This is along with 22 832 additional support staff who have been recruited and trained to assist on the day.


majority of Mzansi voters
Make sure your vote counts this May and re-register to the correct voting district. Image: File

If for whatever reason you’re unable to vote at the station you’re registered at, the IEC says you must re-register. Click HERE to visit their website. Make sure you create a profile on the IEC voting portal, then view and manage your address if you need to change your voting station. Note that you will not be allowed to vote if your voting district does not match your registration.