electricity consumption
What’s killing your electricity consumption? Image: Supplied

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These AREAS in your home are killing your electricity consumption

Here’s how you can make every unit count, by taking back control of the areas in your home killing your electricity usage.

01-09-23 16:57
electricity consumption
What’s killing your electricity consumption? Image: Supplied

The price of power is through the roof since Eskom’s last tariff hike, so we wanted to know which areas in your home are killing your electricity. We turned to the experts at Renewable Energy World to see which appliances are killing your electricity.


killing your electricity
Graphic: Fixr.

Sure, we’ve covered the most power-hungry appliances and the hidden drain of leaving items plugged in on standby, but which area of your home is killing your electricity the most? The expert at Fixr.com put together this handy infographic (above) to help us visualise the spread of energy use in an average home.

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We use power every day (except during loadshedding) but there are ways you can cut down markedly on the items killing your electricity. This article is meant to help you better understand a house’s energy needs and which are the main appliances killing your electricity. Below we’re showing this as a percentage of total use.

1. HEATERS – 31.3%

killing your electricity
What’s killing your electricity? Picture: Adobe iStock.

Keeping your home warm accounts for 31.3% of your total energy consumption. What you need to take from this is heaters are really inefficient. With this knowledge, you can focus on reducing this energy use. One main area that causes heat to escape your home is poor insulation. If you have a cold house, invest in some better insulation.

2. GEYSERS – 13.6%

Using 13.6% in your home, the geyser is the second-biggest item killing your electricity. Finding an energy-efficient solution (selective timing, reduced temperature) is a priority when looking to lower consumption. One way is to install a tankless, solar or gas-warmed geyser. The best renewable-energy option is solar and it can be fairly affordable if done right.

3. COOLING – 10.7%

The good news is, in summer, cooling a house requires significantly less energy than heating it in winter. However, it’s still number three on the list of items killing your electricity. Like improved insulation, a similar method for reducing heat wastage should be applied. Do your best to seal up gaps to stop cool air escaping or summer air from entering. Money dependent, all-new air conditioners are 98% efficient, so consider upgrading if you can.

4. FRIDGES – 4%

You might think with it being on all day and night it would rank higher, but the refrigerator in your home consumes 4% of the total energy. The only way to save energy usage here is to opt for a newer fridge that uses less energy. Be sure to check the mandated energy-rating before buying.

5. WASHER/DRYER – 3.2%

killing your electricity
Picture: Miele South Africa.

Your electric washer/dryer is killing your electricity, but nowhere near as much as you probably thought. Try upgrade to the most efficient of these you can afford. And be sure to hang your washing outside or on a clothes rack inside if it’s raining.

6. LIGHTING – 2.8%

It’s a small percentage, 2.8%, but it’s a not-insignificant amount of your total energy consumption. Switch lights off when you’re not using them and choose energy-saving bulbs to make gains here, too.

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As for the rest of your home, we’ve made a comprehensive LIST of what your computer, desktop, TV, gaming and other home-entertainment systems consume.

Do you agree with these figures? Does your household consumer electricity differently and what have you done to fix it? Be sure to share with our audience in the comments section below.