Kaizer Chiefs boss, Kaizer Motaung Snr
Kaizer Motaung Snr. Image: Supplied

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How wealthy is Kaizer Motaung?

Chiefs’ owner Kaizer Motaung is one of South Africa’s most successful businesspeople, with interests that extend beyond sports.

09-05-24 13:32
Kaizer Chiefs boss, Kaizer Motaung Snr
Kaizer Motaung Snr. Image: Supplied

Kaizer Motaung went from a teenager with a dream of playing football to one of the most influential figures in the game.

Motaung was just 16 years old when he made his Orlando Pirates debut, and he would go on to play abroad with Atlanta Chiefs.

After making waves in the North American Soccer League, Motaung returned to South Africa with the dream of starting his own team.


Motaung was able to put together a strong team of experienced players and gifted rookies in spite of early obstacles and hostility. 

The club quickly gained popularity and established itself as a force to be reckoned with. 

After winning more than 78 trophies and earning an estimated 14 million supporters nationwide, they finally emerged as the most successful team in South Africa.

Having held executive positions in both the South African Football Association (SAFA) and the National Soccer League (NSL), Motaung has been a significant figure in South African football administration. 

Furthermore, in 1996, he and Irvin Khoza co-founded the Premier Soccer League (PSL), which contributed to the increase of sponsors and funding for professional football in South Africa. 

He continues to oversee Kaizer Chiefs, be a member of the SAFA executive committee, and be a member of the PSL Board of Governors.


Motaung is one of South Africa’s most successful businesspeople, with interests that extend beyond sports. His prominent companies are Kaimot Investments (PTY) LTD and Kaizer Investment Holdings Limited.

The multi-millionaire owned several businesses, including KMS Marketing and Promotions, Technology and Publishing Companies, Chiefs Village, and Connectivity Partners.

Motaung’s net worth has been estimated at R1.1 billion ($60 million).


Minister of Sport, Arts And Culture, Goodenough Kodwa paid tribute to the great man.

“Dr Motaung’s legacy includes the impact he has made in the business of South African sport,” Kodwa said.

“As an administrator, Dr Motaung has brought a commercial and strategic savvy to South African football.

“His work in the PSL and at Kaizer Chiefs is seen in the kind of sponsors these entities have attracted, and how they have continued to evolve over the years.

“Kaizer Chiefs was the first team in South Africa to adopt the concept of a Managing Director. The rest had Chairmen as heads of their teams. Kaizer Chiefs has become a global brand and has regularly secured significant partnerships and sponsorships. Kaizer Chiefs has also branched to businesses beyond football, such as funeral insurance – showing the business savvy of its founder…he has been a “Chincha Guluva” on and off the field! …a game changer indeed!

“Dr Motaung still has a role to play in South African football. Football is still the most popular sport in South Africa, but that does not reflect in the mood of the country and the general standard of football now.

“The standard of football in the country is not good. Many teams play in facilities that are substandard, while South Africa is not at the level it should be in African and world football.”