UEFA Euro 2024: Surprise Teams to Watch
UEFA Euro 2024: Surprise Teams to Watch. Image: Adobe Stock

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UEFA Euro 2024: Surprise Teams to Watch

The UEFA Euro 2024 is poised to offer thrilling matches and surprises, with underdogs adding to the excitement.

18-06-24 09:53
UEFA Euro 2024: Surprise Teams to Watch
UEFA Euro 2024: Surprise Teams to Watch. Image: Adobe Stock

The UEFA Euro 2024 is almost here, and everyone is excited about the big soccer tournament. While the famous teams usually get all the attention, let’s talk about some of the surprise teams that might do really well. These underdogs could shock everyone and make the tournament even more exciting.

Denmark: The Great Danes

Denmark, the team that surprised everyone by winning in 1992, is back and ready to go. With their star player Christian Eriksen leading the way, they have a good chance of doing well. The Danish team is full of energy and has a smart game plan. Don’t be surprised if they make it far in the tournament.

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 18
  • Top Player: Christian Eriksen (39 goals in 117 games)
  • Best Performance: Winners (1992)

Switzerland: Small but Mighty

Switzerland is known for being neutral, but their soccer team is anything but boring. With players like Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri, they can play really well. Remember when they knocked out France in the last tournament? They might do something like that again!

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 14
  • Top Player: Xherdan Shaqiri (26 goals in 108 games)
  • Best Performance: Quarter-finals (2020)

Croatia: The Surprise Stars

Croatia amazed everyone by reaching the World Cup final in 2018. They beat strong teams like Argentina, England, and Russia, showing their skill and determination. With a mix of experienced players and young talents, they have a well-rounded team. Don’t forget that Luka Modrić, their star player, is still going strong. Croatia could surprise everyone again and go far in the tournament.

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 12
  • Top Player: Ivan Perišić (33 goals in 123 games)
  • Best Performance: Quarter-finals (1996, 2008)

Austria: The Hidden Gem

Austria is getting better and better. With David Alaba and Marcel Sabitzer, they have some really good players. They might not be the first team you think of, but they have the talent to surprise everyone.

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 23
  • Top Player: Marko Arnautović (33 goals in 100 games)
  • Best Performance: Round of 16 (2020)

Poland: The Lewandowski Show

Poland’s hopes rest on the shoulders of Robert Lewandowski, one of the best strikers in the world. If he plays well, Poland could go far in the tournament. Lewandowski is known for scoring lots of goals, so keep an eye on him.

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 19
  • Top Player: Robert Lewandowski (78 goals in 138 games)
  • Best Performance: Quarter-finals (2016)

Turkey: The Comeback Kings

Turkey is known for their dramatic comebacks and unexpected wins. They reached the semi-finals in 2008 and might do something similar this time. With a young and energetic team, Turkey could surprise the big teams.

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 44
  • Top Player: Burak Yılmaz (31 goals in 77 games)
  • Best Performance: Semi-finals (2008)

Wales: The Little Dragon

Wales might be a small country, but their soccer team has a lot of heart. Gareth Bale leads the team, and they reached the semi-finals in 2016. They might not have many famous players, but they play with a lot of passion.

Key Facts

  • World Ranking: 28
  • Top Player: Gareth Bale (40 goals in 111 games)
  • Best Performance: Semi-finals (2016)

Watch the Underdogs

The UEFA Euro 2024 will be full of exciting matches and surprises. While big teams usually get most of the attention, it’s the underdogs that often make the tournament fun to watch. Whether it’s Denmark, Switzerland, or Croatia, these teams have the potential to make a big splash.

So, as you get ready to watch the UEFA Euro 2024, keep an eye on these surprise teams. They might just give us the most exciting moments of the tournament. For more thrill, you might want to consider placing bets on reputable and legitimate bookmakers like Easybet

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