Be sure to avoid these mistakes travellers make at the airoprt. Image: canva

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Six common mistakes travellers make at the airport

Don’t be guilty of these six common mistakes travellers make at the airport – here’s how you can avoid them…

02-07-24 11:22
Be sure to avoid these mistakes travellers make at the airoprt. Image: canva

Travelling can be an exhilarating experience, offering new adventures and unforgettable memories, but sometimes, navigating the complexities of an airport can be a stressful part of the journey.

To ensure your travel plans go off without a hitch, here are six common mistakes travellers make at the airport and how you can avoid them…

Not arriving early enough at the airport

One of the most frequent mistakes travellers make is not allowing enough time to navigate the airport before their flight. Arriving just an hour before departure, especially for international flights, can be risky.

You risk missing your flight due to long security lines, check-in procedures, or unexpected delays.

Always aim to arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international one. This buffer gives you ample time to check in, pass through security, and reach your gate without rushing.

Packing prohibited items

Many travellers overlook the restrictions on carry-on items, accidentally packing prohibited items like liquids over 100ml, sharp objects, or certain electronics. These items can lead to delays at security checkpoints, confiscation, or even fines.

Ensure that you review the airport’s list of prohibited items well before your flight. Ensuring your carry-on complies with these regulations can definitely save you time and hassle at security.

Ignoring airline notifications

In the age of digital communication, ignoring notifications from your airline is a big mistake and can result in missed updates about your flight. Important changes such as gate shifts, flight delays, or cancellations might go unnoticed, potentially derailing your travel plans.

Be sure to regularly check your email and the airline’s app for notifications. Enable push notifications for real-time updates, so you stay informed about any changes to your flight schedule.


Bringing more luggage than necessary is a common issue travellers have at the airport, one that may lead to excess baggage fees and the challenge of managing multiple bags through the airport.

Pack light and as efficiently as possible. You can also make a packing list to ensure you only bring essentials and weigh your bags at home to avoid unexpected fees at the airport.

Not having travel documents ready

Waiting until the last minute to organise passports, boarding passes, and other necessary documents can create unnecessary stress. And scrambling for documents can delay your check-in process and add to your travel anxiety.

Be sure to keep all travel documents in an easily accessible folder or digital app. Double-check that you have everything before leaving for the airport to ensure a smooth check-in.

Skipping security preparations at the airport

Many travellers overlook the importance of preparing for the security checkpoint, such as not removing laptops, liquids, or wearing metal-heavy clothing.

Always be ready to remove laptops and liquids from your bag. Wear simple clothing and shoes that are easy to remove if required, ensuring a quicker and smoother security check.