SAPeople will be Back Soon!

Hi. Sorry about this. We won’t be long. Just doing a little maintenance. The full site will be back up tomorrow (28 May 2015). 

In the meantime, please enjoy some videos…

Video: SuzelleDIY – How to Make a Pizza out of Cauliflower

SuzelleDIY and Tim Noakes

Whether it was Suzelle who contacted Tim Noakes, or the other way around, the pairing of the two is a match made for a very funny episode of her successful Youtube videos. With her in-your-face style and his dryness, they make a good pair, as Suzelle tries to figure out the not-so-intricacies of making a pizza with cauliflower instead of flour. The recipe, of course, is right up Noakes’ alley, since he promotes the high-fat, low/no-carb diet known as Banting. Even if you don’t care for Noakes – which seems to be the case for many South Africans – Suzelle is on top form.

Video: Herd Helps Tired Baby Elephant get Back on its Feet

Sweet video of a herd of elephants (well mostly a calf and young adult) helping a younger calf get back on its feet after it collapsed – probably in exhaustion – on a road in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.