Send us your stories of how you’ve reunited with old friends, school crushes and relatives through SAReunited. Or how you’ve made new friends and contacts on the site. Your story may be published on this page AND used in magazines, TV and radio interviews. Inspire others to join – so we can all find each other more easily!

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Back in 2004 I tried the SA Reunited dating site, just for the fun of it! Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that I would meet the man of my dreams. I was living in London at the time and he was living in Texas, USA. We are both South Africans, so this site was nice to meet other South Africans around the world. We had our most beautiful wedding day in Jan ’07 in South Africa. We are so happy and thankful that this website brought us together!

Thank you! I was reunited with my best friend from standard 3 after 39 years! We met for coffee on Saturday morning and only left the coffee shop at 13h00!! Not that we wanted to. We definitely will see each other again. It’s amazing how much we have in common after all this time.
Celeste, Kempton Park

A year ago I made contact through your website with a school friend of mine that I had lost contact with when my family emigrated to Canada 38 years ago. I posted a success story with you on finding Ingrid. I am now happy to report that I have just had the most wonderful reunion with all 5 of my girlfriends over this Xmas and New Year’s in Cape Town. Every one of them still lives in the same places that they grew up in. I was able to not only to visit the schools I attended but also to visit the home that I grew up in. So, once again, thanks so much for facilitating a website where I could be reunited with my beloved friends. I have now been able to fulfill a dream I have kept in my heart for all that time.
Charlene, Canada

I just registered on this site and amazingly, I saw a friend’s name. We went to the same High School and I had such a crush on her. We’d lost contact a year or two after matric, and I’d been trying to get her contact details – I’ve asked some other people her whereabouts and no one seemed to know…until today. Thanks a million SAR.
Blackie, Queenstown, South Africa

Great thanks to all you people at SAReunited, especially Michelle who forwarded the message that reunited my sister and I. I left SA in 1969 and said goodbye to my sister who was 6 years old then. We wrote for a few years then lost touch about 1980. Bought a computer about 5 years ago and left messages on various websites in SA and here in the UK but had no luck. I registered a couple of years ago on SAReunited and entered my name at my old school, Fish Hoek High in Cape Town. One of the SAReunited members stumbled across my name and made contact and that led me to my sister.
Michael, UK

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