[hidepost]I had a crush on this guy for ages – he had been a friend for a long time, but there was always more to it. We had a couple of those relaxed “don’t-call-them-dates” drinks, and then one morning after he called I realised “oooh tonight is really a date”! So I had all the hard to reach places waxed, scrubbed and polished and was feeling particularly groomed.

Needless to say – we got groovy that night and as things got steamier, he took my bra off to kiss my urm… nipple and to my horror we both saw this massive long single hair, right where it should not be. It was long and strong enough to floss with! I was mortified and after what felt like a long few seconds of pause, and a slight flicker of humour, he said the most gracious thing anyone could ever say to save the situation:

“Thank God, you’re human afterall – perfection scares me!”

Submitted by Anon[/hidepost]