Take what really works:

1. Bioforce Echinaforce liquid – 30 drops in a little water three times a day. Hold it in the mouth, gargle for 30 seconds and swallow. Most big health food stores stock. If you’re in the UK – you can call Bioforce UK on 01294 277 344. For information worldwide go to http://www.avogel.com/. Take it for as long as you need to. You do NOT have to stop after 2 weeks as some so-called experts say. Bioforce do a children’s Echinaforce.

2. Vitamin C in the form of low acid magnesium ascorbate – take 1000mg three times a day. Wean yourself off gradually when the flu season has passed.

3. Cytoplan Immunovite – dose as per bottle.

4. Stay home if you feel like you may be getting the flu.

5. Drink plenty of warm herbal teas