Eish! We’re all for supporting South African products – so as soon as Mzansi came along with their new South African URL shortener, asking us to support SA by using them – we jumped on board, using them to shorten all our URLs for Twitter tweets. But they forgot to mention in all the promotional blurb that they were going to put their own advertising at the top of our page.

mzansi-bannerIn fact what they actually said was that anyone who clicked on a Mzansi url that we’d created would be “redirected to the original URL that you shortened and view the EXACT page that you shared!”

But our exact page didn’t have a Mzansi banner across the top! Nor did it have links to Mzansi websites!

So we’re going to return to good ol’ BIT.LY who do as they say and really do show you the original page that we shared.

Maybe we wouldn’t have minded so much if Mzansi had been upfront about it; and to give them the benefit of the doubt, we searched their site for any smallprint warning us…but nothing jumped out, and certainly nothing as in-your-face obvious as their wide banner at the top of our page! Transparency people please!

What they said...
What they said...