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I used to work in a health institution some 7 years ago as an administrator. A doctor completing his internship programme then was madly in love with me but never proposed. I think he believed in actions that spoke louder than words, but I wanted him to say the words- he didn’t. A few years later I relocated coz of another job in jo’burg and I heard last week that he decided to move to Australia for his medical practice and specialization. I think we both fell in love every time our eyes met. Please tell me of your whereabouts if you or your friends ever get to read this…
L.D. (Kimberley)

At school (Hendrina High) I was not the smartest or most popular. In my teens I was so in love with a boy called Stefaan M, but some ‘friends’ told him bad stories – they said I peed in my bed. I don’t know why they did that. As a teen this was terrible and for years that act hurt me like hell. But maybe it made me stronger and more determined. Today (20 years later) however it is a different story. I am a Bank Manager of the biggest financial institution in the world. I am situated in Europe and feel great and proud of my life. Moral of the story is that if even I – a girl from the bush – can make it, anyone can.

Nooit het ek gedink ek sal ooit die dag beleef, dat ek eindelik diestorie oor vertel nie! Dit was 2002, ek was in die college en hy wasnog op hoerskool, hy was net 11maande jonger as ek, maar dit het nooitsaak gemaak nie, vir my was die liefde grooter. Ek het my matriek deurdie college gedoen, in November daai jaar was my matriek afskeid by diecollege, ons het gegaan maar leterlik net geeet een dop gedrink en toebesluit om drive-inn toe te gaan. Jong wat ‘n aand! twee maande laterlos hy my. Seker omtrend 2 jaar later sien ons mekaar weer, en beginweer uit gaan skaars 6 maande later toe is dit weer verby. Al is ditnou al solank terug en al is ek in ‘n ander land en al is ek in ‘nwonderlike verhouding, met ‘n lieflike man, mis ek nog my hoerskoolliefde en wens ek kan hom net eenmaal sien en vir hom se dat ek hom noglief het en dat ek hom vergewe!

At school I had a “skivvy” at Uelzen Farm School in KZN and treated her abysmally, even tormented her. If ANYONE can reach Bridget H (she must be married & mid 40’s now) and tell her I’m so, very sorry and had NO idea, none at all, of what I was submitting her to – I’d write them a homily. It’s been with me for over 30 years and her family will not divulge her particulars to me. I wouldn’t either – I was really a nasty, nasty girl. I made her climb a 30 foot pine tree when she was scared of heights…and left her there crying for help where nobody could hear her. Bridget – pls forgive me.

Dearest Chris. Almost 11 years have passed, but I still think of you everyday. You were and are perfect in everyway. I just wish I realized that you were my soul mate. I’m so sorry for breaking your heart. Please forgive me. I will always love you and I will always be yours alone!