Send us your stories of how you’ve reunited with old friends, school crushes and relatives through SAReunited. Or how you’ve made new friends and contacts on the site. Your story may be published on this page AND used in magazines, TV and radio interviews. Inspire others to join – so we can all find each other more easily!

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I was over the moon on the 1st August 07. My friend from Orange Grove, Fabio Saragnese left me in ’93 to go to Cape Town. My heart was broken. In ’94 he called me to say I should come down, but I could not because I had my 1 year old son and was working to keep us going. In 95/96 was the last time I ever spoke to him on the phone. Every now and again I would log on to SAReunited to look for him. I had called many of our old friends but they too did not know his whereabouts. About 3 months ago, a friend at work told me to log on to SAReunited and try again. So I did. And OMG he was there!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed and loved him all my life. He is married and has two girls. He remembers everything we had together. So wonderful to know that he is still here with me in my heart like he always was.
Fagolino Ti Amo

I placed a notice on the Looking For section for an old school friend – and blow me down – a friend of hers living in Portugal saw my notice and contacted me! So now I am in regular contact with my friend. Thanks again!
Jen W, Auckland, NZ

A quick note to let you know that I think the SAReunited site if fantastic. I’ve managed to trace many school friends including one whom I have known since Grade 1. We are both now 52 years old……
Lynne Olitzki

Thanks to SAReunited for connecting people. I have been trying for many years to find a very close school friend of mine. I traced her through your services and sent her an email with my number. For a year or so I didn’t hear any thing back from her. Suddenly a few weeks ago I received a phone call from her. We have since visited with each other. We are both living in New Zealand, she is Christchurch and I am in Dunedin. We now have full contact with each other!
Heather Clidaras (Williams)

Just a ‘short’ mail to express my thanks to you and your wonderful team for this great website. I’ve made contact with many old school friends, and discovered that the majority live right here under my nose. I’ve also made contact with another old Primary school friend, whom I last saw in 1980..she’s over in the States but promised to visit when they come to South Africa for a holiday. So much excitement from my side, thanks once again.
Claudine Bosho

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