Vuvu Stop It Now?

by Jayne Jackson

Eish! Contrary to what most South African media want South Africans to believe – MOST of the rest of the world has actually been very excited and positive about the World Cup being held in SA. In the months building up to the World Cup, there was an amazing sense of excitement for South Africa from most foreigners. The world was ready to embrace South Africa. But…those vuvuzelas could just turn the tide.

Because while South Africans love to rave about being warm hosts, there seems to be little respect being shown to one’s guests when it comes to blowing the vuvus!

And of course most foreigners understand and are happy to toot the horn themselves. BUT patience is wearing thin that the vuvuzelas are being blown throughout matches. Not just when goals are scored. Or just before the match begins, or after it finishes. But terminally. Which negates the excuse that they’re blown to ‘celebrate’.

Headlines are starting to erupt in countries far and wide that it’s time to ban the vuvuzela. And that would be sad. They are a tradition (albeit a fairly new tradition) and they play a great role in the game.

But South Africa’s not the only participant in the 2010 World Cup – and it would be great if we could be given a chance to hear the chants and songs of some of the other countries’ supporters too…especially when South Africa’s not even on the field!

Bafana fans like to claim that the vuvuzelas make their team perform at its best…but South Africa’s ranking is 83rd – FAR behind the rest of the countries in the World Cup whose fans don’t play vuvuzelas. So with a track record like that, maybe vuvuzelas are more distraction than inspiration!

And yes, those who don’t appreciate the din can wear earplugs. But who wants to wear earplugs at a match? (Apparently quite a few desperate people actually – Cape Town shops have run out of “vuvu-stopper” earplugs!).

And some new vuvuzelas are being manufactured at about 20 decibels less than the current 130.

But wouldn’t it be great if we dumped our “like it or lump it” attitude and showed the world our real warm – considerate – hospitality so EVERYONE could have fun! Otherwise we just seem like kids at a birthday party who can’t stop blowing those party blowers!

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