Send us your stories of how you’ve reunited with old friends, school crushes and relatives through SAReunited. Or how you’ve made new friends and contacts on the site. Your story may be published on this page AND used in magazines, TV and radio interviews. Inspire others to join – so we can all find each other more easily!

Email us your success stories and let us know if you have any photos too.

Thanks to SAReunited I have been able to contact at least two friends from school. What a great site, I am constantly checking to see who else has signed up. It keeps me updated on what’s going on in South Africa, while I am in the UK. Thanks again SAReunited.


A friend from school and I organised our 10-year reunion. It was quite a mission – to contact all who needed to be invited. So when our 20-year reunion loomed and no one stepped up to the plate, we decided to take on the reunion organising thing again – only this time without the hassle. One of the radio stations where we’d advertised the reunion, suggested we register and advertise on SAReunited. We were pleasantly surprised at how many of our contacts were already on SAReunited…and we ended up enjoying a FABULOUS reunion.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me find my special friend. After 32 years, we made contact again through SAReunited by putting a notice on in the Looking For section!
Erika Fourie

SAReunited is the best website ever! I found my BEST friend at school, and we are emailing and chatting with each other frequently now! We will meet each other in November again for the first time in 6 years! Isn’t that amazing?!
Denise Barkhuizen

Through SAReunited I gained contact with an old school friend from 1982. As a result of that contact, I’ll now be hooking up with two further mates from the same class at school. Will update you with a reunion picture of 4 good friends who grew old & ugly…but will be sharing old tales and hopefully extend our friendships. Thank you.
Dave Valentyne

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