Eish! South African Katherine Goldberg has pleaded guilty to making sexual advances on an Air Steward and being drunk on a Virgin flight from South Africa to Heathrow, London.

Katherine-GoldbergGoldberg had apparently downed over a pint of whiskey, before trying to grope the flight attendant (which allegedly included grabbing his crown jewels!).

The incident allegedly took place during a Virgin Airways flight in August, specifically at 5.30am UK time on the 24th of August…and at 33,000ft.

Goldberg (25) was returning to London after a visit back home to see family. She currently lives in Ealing Common, London, and works in Education as an education supplies executive.

Prior to this week’s court appearance in London, the prosecutor for the case, Stella Waata, said Miss Goldberg was drunk and “proceeded to sexually assault one of the crew members by demanding to have sex with him and grabbing his penis and crotch area. She was believed to have drunk at least 50 centilitres of whisky.”

Goldberg could face up to ten years in jail. Magistrates at Uxbridge Magistrates Court have declined to hear the case, saying it’s “rather more serious” than disturbing passengers with heavy snoring. So instead, Goldberg has been bailed and will return to Isleworth Crown Court next month for sentencing.

Reactions to Goldberg’s court case have ranged from commenters saying “I don’t think I would have complained” to another who said “It’s time that the sexes were treated equally as I am sure there would be outrage if a male passenger had grabbed the private parts of a female stewardess. It is a sexual offence and should be treated seriously.”