Karoo under threat from Fracking

A non-profit organisation is gathering momentum in its opposition to plans by gas companies to push ‘fracking’ into South Africa, particularly the Karoo, and is calling on as many South Africans as possible to join and support their cause. 

The Karoo
Credit: www.treasurethekaroo.co.za

The organisation is the Treasure Karoo Action Group (TKAG) and was created, mainly by volunteers, in January last year. TKAG opposes the introduction and licensing of fracking in SA in the absence of conclusive proof that fracking is the only and best answer to South Africa’s energy and employment needs.

According to TKAG “South Africa cannot afford to gamble with your water supply, food security, the health of your family, and the heritage of your children in pursuit of a short-term gain for foreign oil companies and our goverment.”

‘Fracking’ – or hydraulic fracturing – is the term given to a drilling technique used to extract shale gas from deep underground.

For more info on the consequences of fracking, and to find out how you can help preserve the Karoo, visit TKAG’s website – www.treasurethekaroo.co.za – or read their latest newsletter. It’s a PDF you can download here. Letter of Concern about Fracking