Fab SA model in Andy Grammer’s Video responds to jealous Tweet

Check out beautiful South African model Dominique Piek in Andy Grammer’s latest music video “Fine By Me” (scroll down for video).  It’s an appearance that’s incurred the wrath of one of Andy’s fans.

Dominique Piek in Tanzania
South African model Dominique Piek (pictured here in Tanzania). Credit: Dominique's Twitter page

The jealous fan sent a twitter missive to the 26-year-old model along the lines of  “so you’re the stupid whore in andy grammers music video, two words biotchhh #F…You”.

Dominique – who describes herself on Twitter as “Model. Dreamer. Proudly South African.” – responded to the spiteful tweet with a cool “wow… You are one troubled individual. So much aggression! All the best to you, my dear!”

Later she also tweeted “If you don’t have anything nice to say, best to just say nothing at all… Seriously.”

Andy’s fan base has been growing rapidly since his hit “Keep Your Head Up”.

Dominique, who was born in Somerset West, appears in his latest video “Fine By Me”, which you can view below. Dominique tweeted that she’s “so happy to be a part of this music video” and asks that everybody watches it – so please let all your South African friends know!




Dominique Piek
South African model Dominique Piek deftly handles a spiteful tweet from a jealous Andy Grammer fan