Jo’burg Snowburg! South Africa’s Winter Wonderland Photos…

Yesterday 7th August 2012 will be remembered by many, for years to come, as a magical day in various parts of South Africa…when the snow fell…and turned parts of SA into a white winter wonderland. Jo’burg became Snowburg as it experienced snow for only the 22nd time in the last 103 years!

Professional photographer Kim Ludbrook took these beautiful shots of Van Reenan’s Pass (which had to be closed because of the snow) and Harrismith, while a photo of a lion at Johannesburg Zoo (taken by a senior manager there) quickly became an internet sensation.

The littlest church in SA, at the top of Van Reenen's pass....Photo credit: Kim Ludbrook
Winter wonderland...South Africa! Photo credit: Kim Ludbrook
Snow thing in Harrismith Photo credit: Kim Ludbrook
Lion in the snow at Johannesburg Zoo
Snowburg! Photo taken on 8th August at Johannesburg Zoo. Source: Facebook/AfricaThisIsWhyILiveHere