Zululander Jet Skis Through Empangeni Flood

In typical Zululander style, the locals didn’t let a little flood stop them having fun this weekend. Legendary jet ski champion Dustin Motzouris took to the streets of Empangeni and thrilled the town with his daring manoeuvres. 

With the police buzzing him with their sirens (but perhaps secretly impressed…and stumped on how to catch him), Dustin showed why he’s a multi South African and World Champion.

Mozouris, who owns FAST Kawasaki and Honda in Richard’s Bay, joked that he’d grabbed the opportunity to jet ski in the town rather than head down to the Bay because “fuel’s expensive…gotto make adjustments”.

Having fun in Africa…

Dustin Motzouris jet skis through Empangeni
Multi SA and World Champ Dustin Motzouris jet skis through Empangeni. Source: Facebook / Dustin Motzouris
Source: Facebook/Dustin Motzouris
Source: Facebook/Dustin Motzouris
Source: Facebook/Dustin Motzouris