OPINION: Luxury Township ‘Experience’ makes a Mockery of Poverty

Lisa Ashton, CEO and founder of The Winnie Mabaso Foundation, is outraged by a luxury resort in South Africa offering a “Shanty Town” experience to local and overseas visitors. Here she explains why in an open letter to readers everywhere:

The real Shany Town experience
NOT a luxury resort – Finetown, South Africa. Photo: Lisa Ashton


Yesterday as South Africans all over the country cast their vote I was reminded of many who despite living in a democratic society continue to struggle.

I work with The Winnie Mabaso Foundation – a UK registered charity. For the past 10 years we have been working with vulnerable and orphaned children – particularly those who reside in the informal settlements and townships.

The real Shany Town experience
The real deal: no underfloor heating or wireless internet! Photo: Lisa Ashton

Since my journey with the Foundation began I have made many friends who have become like family to me and it breaks my heart to see the conditions that many of them live in.

Yesterday morning I was so angered to read of a hotel and spa in South Africa who are offering a ‘township experience’ in the comfort of their luxury surroundings!!!

They quote “now you can experience staying in a Shanty within the safe environment of a private game reserve. This is the only Shanty Town in the world equipped with under-floor heating and wireless internet access!”

The price of these shacks is R850 per night (not including breakfast). I have just phoned the hotel in the hope that perhaps this money, or indeed part of it might support local shanty towns – but nope, this is purely a business venture!

This makes a total mockery of those living in utter poverty!

The real Shanty Town experience
Luxury shanty town experience “makes a total mockery of those living in utter poverty!”. Photo: Lisa Ashton

Surely the best place to experience what it is like to live in a township is to visit the people who live in them, to talk to them, make friends and hear first hand their extraordinary stories?

I know for certain that many in our informal settlements would love to show you around their homes and share their life stories with you…and I send an open invitation to all of you who would like to come and meet us.

With Mabaso love

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