Fathers Day South Africa

With Father’s Day in South Africa this weekend (Sunday 15 June), Paul Christie remembers his father and his childhood in Germiston in this poem…inspired by Jeremy Taylor’s classic folk song. (For those who do – or don’t – remember the original, we’ve included the video below.)

Ag Pleez Daddy (with apologies to Jeremy Taylor)

Ag pleez daddy can you take me back to Germies
It’s only a wish and a dream away
I can’t tell you how I miss
That veld and sun and all the bliss
That made this little laaitie what he is today

Fathers Day South AfricaAg pleez daddy can we go back to Germies
To visit all the places that are gone today
And if I close my eyes real hard
Can I jol once more in my old back yard
And have a lekker wimpy at the old OK

Burgers and onion rings, all of those lekker things
That made me want to jump up and shout hooray!
Big fat chips and Pepsi floats, huddled in our duffle coats
Scarfing them down quickly on a winter’s day

Ag please daddy can you take me to the drive-in
To see a skiet-and-donner on the great big screen
The Greyhound or the Stadium
Or that one way past the Radium
Where after just a beer or two you were James Dean

I didn’t smaak no liquorice, but how I miss that lekker vis
And skyfies that we use to have at Maxies Café
Monster russians full of fat, or if we didn’t fancy that
A lekker Perks pie for a take-away

Ag pleeeeeez daddy, can you take us to the movies
Both the Rialto and the Roxy too
The Apollo full of bugs and rats
The 20th full of fancy cats
But I’m sure not fussy if there ain’t no queue

At the sessions with the bands, at the movies holding hands
Loading up our latte with a bunch of clay
Daddy I had so much fun, but I’d trade those days off every one
If I could have you back for just another day

Oh daddy how I miss
Those simple things that brought such bliss
To this little laaitie in the veld at play
I miss the dumps I miss the storms
I miss playing with mopane worms
But most of all I miss you daddy here today…

Lyrics copyright 2013 © Paul Christie

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Watch Video: Ag Pleez Deddy – Jeremy Taylor

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