Photographs, a Poem, and a Press Conference on Mandela Day

Here are three of our favourite Mandela Day moments from today:

1. These fantastically colourful photos of the guys from the DMG team doing their thing for Madiba Day in Moruleng, North West:



2. “A 67 Second Read” – by Kwenzokuhle Maphumulo

“I stand here,before you not as a prophet,but as a humble servant of you,the people.Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. On this day of my release, I extend my sincere and warmest gratitude to the millions of my compatriots and those in every corner of the globe who have campaigned tirelessly for my release. Our march to freedom is irreversible,we must not allow fear to stand in our way.”

These were the words of a man who did it for the people.
A man who was there for the well-being of the people.
A man who was dedicated to improving the lives of people around the globe.
A man who wasn’t there for the money.
A man who was dedicated to the embetterment of all.
A man who saw all as equal.
A man who never judged based on race, ability or any other trait.
A man who was a human wonder.
A man who overcame any adversity.
A man who proved that impossible is nothing.
A man who never gave up.
A man who was named;
Nelson Mandela.

3. The Long Walk Launch

Long Walk

Marky Warren (pictured on left of Joost van der Westhuizen) launched The Long Walk today to raise awareness about MND and funds for Joost and the J9 Foundation.  The launch began at a press conference at Ballz Visual Radio

Support Marky along the route, by sending messages or donating funds:

Long Walk

For more photos of the launch, please visit:

Congratulations to EVERYONE around the world who did something today for Nelson Mandela Day! Let’s keep it going…