VIDEO: The A-Z of African Dances

Here are some cool moves from Africa! This six-minute video showcases some of the unique cultural dances from around the continent, presenting the richness and diversity of what African dance has to offer.

African dance video
Source: YT. (Please see video below.)

From Azonto and Fanana through to Zoropoto (with a humourous Quoi thrown in the middle) – this video is a compilation of ALMOST all the dance moves from Africa.

Predictably, some viewers have complained about those dances that are missing. One said “no Toyi-toyi? There are so many wonderful dances, but very few have helped to topple oppression.”

The creators of the video, the first urban dance centre in Senegal – The Dance Hall, pointed out that “our continent is so huge and creative, many dances had to be left out…For those who ask: Ndombolo was done but had to be cut out during editing because of some issues. Mapouka was intentionally left out.”

Most were appreciative . One viewer said: “Like everyone mentioned, there are still hundreds missing, some very prominent ones. But let this be a starting point, I’m just grateful that you guys took the time out to document the rich cultural dance moves. Thank you! ”

Watch Video: The A-Z of African Dance!

The video, which was made in association with Kirs & Bell production company, is a celebration of the ‘revolution’ of TINA (This Is New Africa).

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