Sad whichever way you look at it.

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For those of you who have been following the Oscar trial (I have to admit, I’ve steered well clear of it, watching nothing, listening to nothing, reading nothing, other than telling people that there’s only one person who actually knows what happened – ‘And you’re not it, let alone a lawyer’ – mainly because I’m totally sick of all the scandal-lovers out there who are only too keen to give you their ill-considered trite observations) – I found this, the first thing I’ve read, to be a considered piece by one of my favourite authors writing in South Africa today, Margie Orford. (Yes, run out and get her books – they’re really good!)…-nothing./#.VBc5ilfiukL

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I’m one of those odd people who, despite travelling the world, hasn’t actually moved all that far. I’m living in the house I pretty much grew up in and doubt that I’ll ever really leave it! Like most people who live in ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, I have a love/hate relationship with the city. The thing I hate the most are the obnoxious drivers who litter our road, so if you’re ever in my hood and you’re confronted with a blonde who stops to point out you're in the wrong, steer clear.… I love that we have so many trees (and if one more person points out that, hey, like, shoo wow, we have the largest man-made forest in the world here, I’ll throw up on myself!) and that so many people are getting into the groove and getting not only indigenous but endemic – after all, I’m a serious gardener…