The Palace of Monaco was lit up last night to celebrate the birth of twins to the Principality’s royal couple – South African Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco. The birth took place yesterday evening at the Princess Grace Hospital on the hill overlooking Monaco.

Palace illumination, Monaco
The Palace was lit up last night in celebration of the birth of the twins. Source: FB/palaisdemonaco

The palace has announced that the former Olympic athlete and her babies – a son and a daughter – are “doing well”.

In a statement last night, the palace announced “it is with immense joy that TT.SS.HH the Prince and Princess of Monaco have the great pleasure to announce the birth of Their children named:
– Gabriella, Thérèse, Marie (born at 17h04)
– Jacques, Honoré, Rainier (born at 17h06).”

Charlene’s son will be first in line for the throne even though he was born second.

The Palace said “the Prince Jacques, Honoré, Rainier is the Crown Prince. In accordance with the historic custom established by the treaty of Péronne (1641), He shall receive the title of Marquis of Baux (in Provence).

“The Princess Gabriella, Thérèse, Marie, second child in the line of succession, shall receive the title of Countess of Carladès (in Auvergne).”

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco
Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco have announced the birth of their twins!

The fact that the Princess was expecting twins was first announced to the world by Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts after Charlene’s proud father revealed the news to him.

To celebrate the birth of the twins, the following will take place in Monaco:

  • in celebration of the joyous arrival of these two children, and without distinction, forty-two cannon shots (twenty-one for each child) shall be fired from the Fort Antoine,
  • church bells shall ring for fifteen minutes, followed by boat horns,
  • a proclamation signed by HSH Prince Albert II will be displayed at the entrance outside the “Petits Quartiers” of the Princely Palace,
  • registries shall be open for signatures at the “Petits Quartiers” of the Princely Palace,
  • the people of Monaco are invited to put up bunting and flags, under the same provisions as on National Day, from the day of the births to the day on which the Princely Couple will present Their children at the Place du Palais. The date of the official introduction is still to be announced.
  • the people of Monaco, residents and workers of the Principality as well as any individuals who wish to do so, are invited to attend the Princely Couple’s presentation of Their children at the Place du Palais, in order to pay tribute to Them, on a date and under conditions that shall be specified at a later date,
  • that day will be declared public holiday for all individuals working in Monaco in celebration of this time of great joy.

South Africans will be sure to celebrate too. The royal couple has encouraged donations to charity rather than gifts. All funds received will be redistributed to the charities and associations of the couple’s choosing.

Full information on donation payment methods is still to be announced.

Congratulations Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II…and welcome to the world Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques!