For everyone in the Southern Hemisphere who has had enough of having to sing about a White Christmas, here’s Jingle Bells South African style. See video below.

Father Christmas in Africa
Dashing thro’ the bush, On a 1-man bicycle…Oh how lekker Christmas is, With Santa, sun and surf…Jingle bells, jingle bells…

The video was uploaded a couple of years ago by TheNixter (the same YouTuber who uploaded this season’s popular ‘12 Days of Christmas SA Style‘).

The lyrics are great, including “you can shove that snow where the sun don’t shine, coz it’s sunny here today”.

Father Christmas in South Africa
Father Christmas in Cape Town – one of the many photos shared on Facebook last Christmas, showing how sunny it is in SA!

To be fair, with words like “oh what fun it is to be singing about Christmas in SA” it’s not really for the whole of the Southern Hemisphere…but then the Australians already have their own fantastic Aussie Jingle Bells that any South African living there already knows off by heart…about the Rusty Holden Ute and the single, shorts and thongs! (See video below.)

South Africans having a snowy Christmas
Not all South Africans will be experiencing a sunny Christmas this year! JD Jardine’s in for a snowy one in Canada  (pic taken last week by his wife).

Watch Video – Jingle Bells, South African Style

Watch Video – Aussie Jingle Bells