It’s All About the BASE Race! Heart-Stopping Video!

Check out this incredible GoPro footage of South African BASE jumpers Jean Jacques Wallis and Max (Andy) Hunt…racing to the top of an abandoned building in Pretoria to see who can jump off it first. Phew!

Base jumping race, Pretoria abandoned building, South Africa

The guys base jump regularly from the building.

“We have an agreement with the building owners to go play there and practice our sport,” says Jean (in green). He claims the building site is “definitely not a dangerous jump…although if you don’t know what you’re doing it can become dangerous.”

BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth (cliffs)…which represent the categories of fixed objects from which base jumpers can launch themselves. It’s an extreme sport…with extreme dangers. Since it began in 1981, there have been over 248 base jumping fatalities.

Jean, who is a professional skydiver with Pretoria Skydiving, only started base jumping after he’d spent eight years skydiving and accumulated a total of 1,800 jumps.

“Then I was ready…” he says. “Base-jumping is super technical and more advanced than skydiving.”

For the more “adventurous jumps” Jean and Andy head to the Drakensberg and Cape mountains. Yikes.

Watch Video: The BASE Race

And for those who prefer the lighter side of things, here’s Tandem Skydiving at Pretoria Skydiving

Watch Video: Sky Diving above Pretoria

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