If South African President Jacob Zuma thought that the Police Minister’s Report last week would put an end to demands for him to ‘Pay Back the Money’, he couldn’t have been more mistaken.

An avalanche of jokes have hit the print and social media; the Democratic Alliance has vowed to pursue the issue, the Public Protector has spoken out; and poems, songs and videos are going viral on the internet.

This morning South African rock band Crash Car Burn have released the latest Nkandla-related video, which within just  a couple of hours is already going viral.

In a message on their YouTube page, the band said “Last week, government announced that President Zuma would not be accountable for the R246 000 000 of public money spent on his private residence [in Nkandla].

“We’ve never been a political band. We were the lucky generation that grew up in a South Africa that was full of hope and positivity.

“That hopeful spirit is quietly slipping. To remain silent about the way our leaders are conducting themselves is an insult to those who fought for our freedoms. We must hold our leaders accountable for their actions. It’s not just about a house. It’s about a gap between rich and poor that is not closing.

“It’s about violent crime. It’s about corruption. Lack of access to healthcare and education. It’s about realising a dream to make this beautiful country everything we know it can be.”

The video features cartoons from Zapiro (with permission) and was designed and assembled by Jean Lombard Creative.

Watch “Pay Back the Money” Video (Large) ABOVE…or here:

This old “Nkandla Style” video from over a year ago has also resurfaced:

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