Thanks to South Africans abroad, there are a lot of Greeks, Aussies and various other nationalities who know what a ‘braai‘ is and can say “gaan kak in die mielies” (ja, that’s the most popular Afrikaans phrase we teach our foreign friends!)…but when they visit our shores they don’t know the more important words…like babelaas, bakkie and tekkies!

And so they travel around South Africa in a dwaal,  unaware that when you told them to turn left at the robot you meant traffic light. So they pitch up verrrry late and you want to give them a moerseklap. But wag ‘n bietjie and show them this brilliant graphic from Traveller24 with, as they say, “some of the Afrikaansist Afrikaans words out there, to sink your teeth into.”

24 Afrikaans Words Demystified…

24 Afrikaans words and sayings demystified - by Traveller24

This graphic was created by Traveller24 and is republished here with their kind permission. View the original here – 20+ Afrikaans words and saying demystified.