A tracker sitting on a chair at the front of a safari vehicle did the right thing to remain calm while an elephant truly sniffed him out!

A video, shared by Anton van Niekerk, was uploaded by Lowvelder Laevelder today showing the tracker’s up close and personal experience with the elephant.

According to the Lowvelder caption on YouTube, “Chances are it would have ended very differently had he panicked.”

Watch the video above (larger) or below…

WATCH VIDEO: Nerves of steel – How calm would you be in this situation?

Gauteng resident Lynne Wronsley Hillier recalled having a similar experience a few years ago: “I can personally attest to this being terrifying. ..I was sitting on the back highest seat of the Landi. We had stopped in a clearing and the ellies came out the bush. The ranger told us to sit still and keep quiet. ‘

“The elephant came strolling over the the rear of the vehicle, his trunk came over and sniffed my face. I was hyperventilating but sat still. I must’ve stunk right, because he turned away and strolled off! I have NEVER been so terrified. That was the one and only time a ranger has ever let me have a cigarette on the vehicle.!My hubby had a camera but did not dare move to take pictures…”