Every November in South Luangwa, Zambia, a family of elephants regularly wander right through the lobby of luxury Mfuwe Lodge in order to indulge in the ripe and tasty mangoes that have fallen from the large Wild Mango (Cordyla africana) tree in the grounds.

The family’s matriarch (who is known to the award-winning safari Lodge staff as Wonky Tusk) leads the way through the reception area, striding quite confidently and swiftly as she knows exactly what she’s after…

According to the Mfuwe Lodge, the families of elephants have been regular guests for years – visiting between late October and mid-December – with three generations of one particular elephant family returning annually. Their unique behaviour has become the subject of a TV documentary and even children’s books.

Watch (a large version) above, or below:

Watch Video: Elephants Wander Through Luxury Lodge for Mangoes

Scenes include her very cute baby who – like all babies – falls asleep in reception and stumbles up and down the stairs (see at about 1:30). Also, if you look in the background at about 1:54 there’s a legavaan wandering past.