VIDEO If Hollywood Stars had South African Accents…

Here’s a humorous take on a famous scene from Hollywood blockbuster ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, with its stars Matthew McConnaughey and Leonardo di Caprio speaking with strong South African accents.

The video was uploaded by Afrikaans4Dummies who captioned it: “Now this is why Wolf of Wall Street would never have made it if the actors were South African.”

McConnaughey’s cameo appearance in director Martin Scorcese’s hit may have been brief but it was brilliant and memorable…now made even more unforgettable, complete with a rendition of ‘Suikerbos (ek will u hê)’.

“We wonder whether the film would have achieved all the acclaim had Matthew been from Boksburg,” say the producers.

Most South Africans who’ve seen it so far have found it hilarious. But not everyone is laughing. Some took the video’s title a little seriously (“Why South Africans can’t do drama”) with one YouTube user saying: “Not really that funny. I have seen some incredible South African dramas. The accent doesn’t make it weird, nor do the Afrikaans inserts. Suikerbos (I believe that’s the song they used) isn’t really the best song to use … but whatevs :)”

Afrikaans4Dummies describes themselves as celebrating “the understated hilarity of our language which few people know contains an entire dictionary of laugh-out-loud hilarity.”

Watch Video: Matthew McConnaughey and Leonardo di Caprio with South African Accents