PHOTOS of Cape Fishermen and their First Yellowtail Catch of the Season

The trek fishermen of the Cape captured their first Yellowtail of the season this weekend.

Fishermen of the Cape

Photographer GALE MCALL was there to take these fantastic photos.

Fishermen of the CapeGail has been capturing the fishermen’s everyday lives for the past five years, photographing them and getting to know the characters that head to the beach each day.

She says: “They all have their place… They arrive set up and work… It works like clockwork… however they shout and swear right through every exciting trek!”

Fishermen of the Cape

WWF has listed Yellowfish on their South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) as ‘green’ which means you can go for it and eat the fish guilt-free, knowing that current stocks are healthy and it’s being harvested in a sustainable manner.

Fishermen of the Cape

According to “Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) are large, schooling, fast growing fish that undergo unpredictable seasonal migrations. They have a high fertility and reach sexual maturing after 2-3 years making them fairly resilient to fishing pressure.

Fishermen of the Cape

“Yellowtail are the second most commonly caught species in South Africa in the linefishery sector.”  The fish is also known as Cape Yellowtail, Geelstert or Yellowtail amberjack.

The way in which the fishermen on this page catch the yellowtail has “few impacts on the marine environment and very little accidental bycatch,” according to the site.


In fact, they encourage people to support the local fishing communities whose own food security and livelihoods depend on the seafood choices consumers make.

Fishermen of the Cape


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