Bunny Chow with a Twist in Soho

Breakfast in a bunny? That’s what’s being offered to Londoners at a corner take-away restaurant in Soho that is owned by a Londoner who once travelled to South Africa and was taken with the cuisine.

The aptly named Bunnychow, which opened on Wardour Street about a year ago, is about one block away from the nearest Nando’s, which has numerous outlets in the city.

The window of Bunnychow in London’s Soho. Photos: Ted Botha.

Bunnychow has a very brief bunny menu besides its two breakfast bunnies: the Piri-Piri Pork, the Durban, the Chaka-laka and the Veggie. Sides include Bobottie (sic) meatballs, Spiced South Africa Risotto (come again?), Monkeygland Chicken Wings and Piri Piri Pork Ribs. Dessert is Bread ‘n Butter Pudding and ‘South African Pudding’ (no explanation on the menu what that is). Then again, the sign outside the store does say ‘South African inspired’.

Bunnychow, the restaurant.
Bunnychow, the restaurant.

The breakfast bunny is more of a Southafricanmexicanscottish extravaganza, containing sausage, salsa beans, fried egg, tomato, button mushrooms, homemade bacon and – get this – black pudding.

The breakfast bunny. Source: Bunnychow.
The breakfast bunny. Source: Bunnychow.

In a recent report, Bunnychow CEO Atholl Milton said the brand began as a food truck in 2013 before opening as a store last year.

Bunnychow in London
Bunnychow when it was still just a food truck in London. Photo: Anthoni Panayis

In a write-up for the Guardian, Milton said, “I got my first true bunny experience at A Taste of India on Wilson Wharf by the Durban Waterfront, which is reasonably tidy and smart. I was amazed at how many people were eating bunnies at 11am!


“The bunnies from the hole-in-the-wall place on the side of the Hollywood Bets casino, on Linze Road out in Durban’s industrial suburbs, have real heat and are very tasty. During lunchtime, it gets packed with people driving in and out.”


Durban’s famous Bunny Chow recipe

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